Can I create a tutorial that captures more than one window or program?

Can you create a tutorial that captures more than 1 window or program? Of course you can!

There are two methods to capture multiple windows or pop-ups in your tutorial. Method one (Auto-Size) will keep your tutorial focused in on just the window you’re interacting with. Method two (Follow Mouse) will show more of the background or area surrounding the window you’re interacting with.

Method One: Use Auto-Size

  1. Begin your tutorial as usual.
  2. When a window pops up or after selecting a separate window, click Auto-Size to frame the new window.
  3. That’s it! Complete your tutorial as usual.

Method Two: Use ‘Follow Mouse’ Setting

  1. Launch iorad Capture.
  2. Before starting Capture, click the small arrow at the bottom of the frame to see the Capture Options menu.
  3. Click Short Cut Key Combo and take note of the Toggle Capture shortcut. By default it is Ctrl+Alt+0 or you can change it to your preference. You’ll need to know this shortcut to end your Capture.
  4. Click the Capture Options arrow again and click Follow Mouse to activate it.
  5. Start the Capture and record your tutorial.
  6. To finish the recording, type the Toggle Capture shortcut (from #3 above) to pause Capture and then click Done in the bottom right of the window.

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