Capture Features and Options

iorad does most of the work for you! How?

  • Start Recording – Click the Capture button.
  • Pause Recording – Click the Pause button.
  • Recording a desktop application – Go for it!
  • Autosize – iorad automatically adjusts the capture frame around your currently selected window. Autosize is especially helpful when you have popups that overlap outside of the window. The autosize feature doesn’t work on all applications (like full size apps such as Photoshop on Macs) but it works on most!
  • Recording Actions – The capture frame intelligently detects your actions (clicking and typing) and the location of that action. In most cases, we capture button labels (via accessibility APIs or with image analysis) but sizing and text descriptions can easily be fixed in the editor.
  • RAM and CPU Usage – During the recording process you should close all nonessential applications. iorad processes a lot (so you don’t have to!) so the more CPU/RAM available, the better.

You do have some options so iorad can make the exact tutorial you want…

  • Click the small white arrow Capture-options-arrow next to the lower Capture button to open to Capture Options menu.

    • Cancel
    • Restart
    • Capture Size
    • Short Cut Key Combo
    • Follow Mouse
    • Mask Inside when Pause
    • Mask Outside during Capture

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