Player Viewing Options

The iorad player options let your users to engage with your tutorial in a way that’s best for them.

  • Modes – In Try Steps mode, the user follows the directions and performs actions to advance to the next slide. In View Steps mode, the user can scroll through a quick glance of all the steps. Access Print mode from the Player Launch Window or at any point while interacting with the tutorial by clicking the printer icon printer-icon in the top right of the Player Window.
  • Mobile vs. Desktop Devices – Mobile devices show the View Steps mode. Use the Next and Back buttons or swipe left and right to move forward or backward through the steps.
  • Viewing Resolution – The iorad player is fully responsive. No matter how small your screen is, the important part of the step is always in view.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Click the blue dot icon keyboard-shortcut-icon in the Player Launch Window to see keyboard shortcut options for interacting with the player.

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